Annual Conference of IASP: ICT Matchmaking Session

23th September 2015- “The 32th Annual Conference of International Association of Science Parks (IASP)” was solemnly opened in the Beijing National Convention Center. IASP is a conference for communication and exchange among managers, researchers and entrepreneurs who come from sci-tech parks worldwide. About 700 representatives from 48 countries and regions attended the conference. Under the direction of Beijing Z-park Committee, Changfeng Alliance hosted the ICT B2B matchmaking session. During the ICT session, the representatives discussed and exchanged their views on a dozen of international technical projects including (visual asset management, a new image processing optimization computing performance, mobile applications, holographic display screen, 3D printing, 5 G technology and the Internet of things, robots and automation systems, business intelligence and decision support) which were from Brazil, Canada, ROK and Sweden etc.
Hundreds of domestic participants from Science Parks, incubators, funds, investment development organizations, and member enterprises from Changfeng Alliance attended the session. 
Through pre-B2B service, this conference helped to sign 8 cooperative agreements on projects including (Zhongguancun Industry Technology Alliance and Sweden Movexum Incubator, Founder International and Sweden BIC (Bridge Innovation Capital), Beijing Air Medical Health Technolgy Co., Ltd. and Korean MediageCo., Ltd., Beijing Changfeng Information Technology Industry Alliance and Korean ZETAPLAN Investment Company,Beijing BoyueShiji Technology Co., Ltd.and Belgium IPGROUP, Beijing Zhonghaijiyuan Digital Technology Development Co., Ltd. and American Converage Ventures Company)

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